My painting derives from the need to connect to the environment, to absorb, listen, question and investigate through the painting process, there is a continual dialogue within the paintings as I feel my way through the layers of paint capturing what I see, think and feel.


Many of my paintings are started in the landscape where I strive to capture the feeling, atmosphere and essence of character of the location, when painting outside I become part of the landscape and the life and energy of my surroundings has a greater impact on me and my work in this way I form a deeper connection to the landscape

I often use found objects within the painting these objects help create a greater sense of place and bring another dimension or narrative to the work as the objects have their own history they also bring a structure and sense of physicality to the paintings


I use the painting process as a means to explore the many facets of what life holds, I want my paintings to have a sense of longing but be resolved, be playful, accidental and uncertain but purposeful, be stimulating and also calm, and be of a time but timeless and transcending. Through this holistic approach have a multi-layered depth and appeal that will entice the viewer to participate in an intimate way- to step inside the painting and lose themselves in their own thoughts and feelings and by doing so bring the work to a conclusion.  


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