Rhosneigr 45 x62 xm
Wave 60 x60cm - Copy
Birling gap 60x60cm - Copy
Towards Mull with passageways to heaven  60x70cm - Copy (2)
Towards Mull detail - Copy


Caught between land and sky but neither one nor the other the elemental wonder of the sea connects us to each other and the environment , this fugitive element with its dramatic sense of space and light has been  enticing people to its shores since the beginning of time .

My paintings strive to capture the unknowable  abiding mystery and power of the sea the endlessly fascinating transitory  beauty that changes with the different weather and terrain either capturing the fleeting light from above or absorbing  the darkness from below. We marvel at this wonderous substance and this joyous connection can have a transformative power and bring feelings of escape and transcendence .

Simon Parkin

Breaking 102 x76 cm (2)

Breaking 102 x76 cm

On the crest of a wave  150 x60cm

On the crest of a wave 60x150 cm

Jonathan 30 x40cm

Jonathan 30x40cm SOLD

Storm tide 62 x76 cm

Storm tide 63x72 cm

Release 72x92cm

Release 72x92cm SOLD

Touch of pink 20x25

A Touch of Pink 20x25cm SOLD

Wave Song

Wave Song 125 x 140 cm

Towards Mull

Towards Mull 60x60cm SOLD

Towards Mull

Towards Mull with Passageways to heaven SOLD

The Fading Light

The Fading light 24x32cm SOLD

Sailing into Brighter Skies

Sailing into Brighter skies 110x140cm

Dark Wave

Dark Wave 60 x120cm

A murky dawn looking towards South stack lighthouse 15x20cm

A murky dawn looking towrds South stack lighthouse 20x25cm SOLD

Billowing clouds crashing waves

Billowing clouds, crashing waves, crying gulls 76x122cm

Sea Stacks St Kilda 50x70 cm (3)

Sea stacks at St Kilda 50x70cm

Drawing in 30x40cm

Drawing in 30x40cm

Elgol looking towards the Black Cuillin

Elgol looking towards the Cuillin mountains Isle of Skye 50x70cm

Towards Ruim from Ardamurchen  40x120cm.

Towards Ruim from Ardamurchen 40x120cm SOLD

Newborough looking towards the montains

Newborough looking towards the mountains 60x60cm

Beyond the Waves 80x100cm

Beyond the waves 80x100cm SOLD

Rhosneigr with clearing skies and gulls

Rhosneigr with clearing skies and gulls fishing 100x50cm SOLD

Brightening up 72x92cm

Brightening up 72x92cm

Distant Islands 62x92cm

Distant Islands 62c92cm SOLD

Sea Cliffs 20x25cm

Sea Cliffs 20x25cm

Neist Point Lighthouse 20x25cm (2)

Neist Point Light house 20x25 cm SOLD

Another Place

Another Place 65x80cm

In to the Depths  90x90cm

Into the Depths 90x90cm SOLD

Rain over Benbecula from Neist Point Lig

Rain over Benbecula from Neist Point lighthouse Isle of Skye 24x32cm SOLD

Across the fields and out to sea

Across the fields and out to sea 30x40cm

Storm Wave

Storm Wave 100 x100cm

light breaking through at St Kilda 60x60

Light breaking through at St Kilda 65x65cm SOLD

Sanna Bay 50x70cm

Sanna Bay 50x70cm

Two Gannets feeding at duskk at Allihies

Two Gannets feeding at Dusk at Allihies 75x90cm

Dark Cuillins 125x40cm

Dark Cuillins 125x40cm

Under red skies

Under red skies 65x75cm

From lewis toward Skye

From Lewis looking Towards Isle of Skye 40x120cm

Heading Out 70x50cm

Heading Out 70x50cm SOLD

Stein Isle of Skye 20x25cm

From Stein Isle of Skye 20x25cm

Across the Menai the other view

Across the Menai the other view 20x25cm SOLD

Rainbow over Waterstein Head, Isle of Sk

Rainbow over Waterstein Head 20x25cm

Across the bay at Ardamurchen 23x32 cm

Across the Bay at Ardamurchen 23x32cm SOLD

Colourful Tobemory 30x40cm

Colourful Tobermory 40x50cm

Fisherfolk Goa

Fisherfolk Goa 60x60cm

Going fishing 30x30cm

Going fishing 30 x30cm

Across the bay

Across the bay 25x35cm

Aberdovey esturary 30x40cm

Dusk at Aberdovey esturary 30x40cm

Dusk at the birling gap 20x25cm

Dusk at the Birling Gap 20 x25cm SOLD

Birling Gap with choppy waves

Birling Gap with Choppy waves 50x50 cm


Rhosneigr 45x62 cm

Seagull study 15x20cm {1}

Seagull Study 15x20cm (1}

Seagull study 15x20cm (2)

Seagull Study (2) SOLD

Seagull study 15x20cm (3)

Seagull study 15x20 cm (3) SOLD

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